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Storytelling in HR Training Workshop

People data is everywhere. An individual’s employee, consumer and social data are increasing in volume and presence. This is an incredibly valuable resource for HR and the business if they can find a way to leverage it.

People analytics allows companies to think differently about their people operations. They can now test various hypotheses, gather insights and predict outcomes.

What attendees at the last course had to say :

“We are starting out on our People Analytics journey and the course was very helpful in providing a pragmatic framework for the delivery of a data driven HR service.”
(Steve Boyd, HR Business Partner, RVS)

“I really enjoyed the course. It has certainly made me think differently and I am excited to put what I have learnt into practice!" 
(Tracey Webb - HR Operations Manager, Gloucestershire Constabulary)

“Nice mix of theory and practise. I found the People Analytics demos easy to follow and very relevant for my HR business partner objectives.”
(Ryan Marr, HR Business Partner, Exertis PLC)

“I get a lot of emails promoting things but this one on HR Storytelling just jumped out at me. When I read it I found it to be just what I was looking for”
(Andrew Kent - Head of People Analytics, Tesco Bank)



People data is everywhere. An individual’s employee, consumer and social data are increasing in volume and presence. This is an incredibly valuable resource for HR and the business if they can find a way to leverage it.

People analytics allows companies to think differently about their people operations. They can now test various hypotheses, gather insights and predict outcomes.

We are slowly but steadily moving away from a best practice and experience based organisational culture to an evidence based, collaborative decision making approach.

Storytelling in HR Training Workshop

The Google rework project provides a pragmatic and accessible illustration of this new data driven collaborative approach -

People analytics creates a unique opportunity for human capital and human resources professionals to position themselves as evidence based strategic partners of the executive board.

Rapid transformation of the workforce and the workplace is understandably making the other business functions turn to HR for actionable insights in terms of their people.

The course is aimed at anyone in an organisation who is tasked with or wants to take a leading role in getting their organisation engaged with the process of People Data to Actionable Insights.

For any People Analytic project to succeed; HR initiatives must be directly connected to Business drivers. In practical terms this means marrying HR data with Business data. To that end the course instructor will ensure that the People and Business data in class exercises speak directly to individual attendees and their specific business challenges.

We strongly believe in a pragmatic approach to delivering People Analytics into the business. Accordingly, the course is designed to give delegates ample time to reflect on and discuss topics in terms of how they would play out for them at their company. A healthy mix of theory and practise is on offer.

Key Learning Objectives

The goal of this course is to ensure that delegates leave with these 3 key building blocks in place:


A clear understanding of People Analytics (and where you and your organisation are on this journey)


A strategy and methodology for deploying People Analytics at your particular organisation


A well-defined first project to make an impact and deliver a wow factor - based on the People Analytics agenda at your company (getting started, getting buy in, Storytelling, delivering business wins)

Course Structure


A optional telephone one-to-one with the course instructor to establish the delegate’s business priorities and to tailor the course appropriately


Interactive sessions working through various People Analytics scenarios


An opportunity for further guidance via an on-line community created by the instructor for delegates to share their challenges and for the instructor to offer advice in terms of making a business case, creating a roadmap or providing a proof of concepts demonstration

Course Agenda

  • People Analytics:

    What is it? What are the challenges? Where is it working?

  • Your Business:

    What are the top 3 business priorities of your company? How do they link to your HR initiatives?

  • Understanding the Methodology:

    Understanding the methodology and developing a framework / process.

  • Data Inventory:

    HR and Business. What have you got? What can you get? How can we enrich it?

  • Data Organisation:

    Understanding which data points you need and how best to merge data sets.

  • Data Insights:

    Uploading data and formulating the right sequence of queries.

  • Storytelling:

    Presenting your insights in a variety of ways based on the stakeholder role, personality and agenda.

Storytelling in HR Training Workshop

Programme outcomes

Defining what People Analytics means for your organisation. Aligning your HR initiative with the Business.

Storytelling - Creating a narrative of your company’s People Analytics journey and telling specific stories that engage the business.

Delivering actionable insights and measurable value to the business through your first People Analytics project

A course workbook will be provided that allows you to plan and document your strategy and play it back to colleagues.

Course Date Duration & Location

Date: Thursday March 26th 2020

One day - 9:30 to 17:00
with breaks for coffee and lunch included.

Garfield House
86 Edgware Road
W2 2EA
Tel: 020 7793 4200

Course Preparation

We understand that people are very busy and may not have as much time as they would like to prepare for a course. Accordingly we have designed the course to cover the top generic topics of concern e.g. employee engagement, where we will have dummy data available to work with. Or alternatively we welcome the opportunity for you to anonymise your own data and bring it to class in an excel format to produce insights that will resonate back at the office. If this is of interest please let us know and we will arrange a brief pre-course call with an instructor.

Meet your Instructors

The course is delivered by 2 instructors whose HR Storytelling skills and experience are designed to complement each other

Robert Browton

Robert Browton

Co-Founder, Managing Director UK, Blue Provident Limited

Rob works with clients and partners to help them understand their people and improve their culture. With 20 years’ experience in employee research and organisation development, he has lead a range of people and culture-related projects. Rob offers a great balance of science and practicality – helping businesses get great quality feedback from their people that can actually be harnessed for improvements.

Rooven Pakkiri

Rooven Pakkiri

Head of People Analytics and Social KM

Rooven is a long standing digital evangelist who is focused on Workforce Transformation. Integrating People and Business data to deliver business insights is his area of particular focus. A published author and regular speaker; Rooven has a wealth of experience in delivering training courses to Line of Business managers at organisations like KPMG, Transport for London and the European Central Bank.

Who Should Attend?

This course is targeted at HR Leaders who want to change the nature of engagement with the business. We will provide you with the methodology that allows you to marry HR data with Commercial data to generate actionable business insights.

Ideal for anyone tasked to deploy or interested in the use of People Analytics for their organisation.

Participants range from HR and Communication practitioners to line of business users from both the private and public sector.

NB: You do NOT need to be a data scientist or possess data scientist skills to attend this course. We take care of that for you and free you to focus and think deeply about solving people related challenges - employee engagement, talent acquisition, performance management etc.


Course cost: £520.00 + VAT per attendee