Moving HR to the top table by delivering actionable people insights to defined business priorities

Most HR practitioners would agree that there is a significant opportunity for HR to add value to the business. Rapid transformation of the workforce and the workplace is understandably forcing the business to turn to HR for actionable insights.

At Intec we are focused on helping our clients to get in front of this change and to take the lead inside their organisations.

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People Data to Actionable Insights

There is a significant opportunity for human resources departments around the world. Faced with a growing demand from the business for meaningful insights into the workforce, HR people are beginning to recognize the enormous, untapped potential in the data they already have, and the data they can obtain about their own people. People analytics is changing the way companies think about People operations in their business, allowing them to gather insights and predict outcomes.

Data Driven HR

As the complexity of workforce challenges continues to rise, so will the demand for more quantitative approaches to address the increasingly difficult people related questions central to organisational success.

Evidenced based decisions

The power of workforce analytics lies in its ability to challenge conventional wisdom, influence behaviour, enable HR and business leaders to make and execute smarter workforce decisions, and ultimately, impact business outcomes.

People data meets Business data

However in order to realise value from investments in workforce analytics, organisations need to understand: the relationship between their workforce strategies and their business challenges. Without this clear linkage firmly established it will be very difficult to engage the business and to translate raw HR data into defensible action.

What's stopping you?

To date there has been a degree of inertia within HR departments when it comes to launching data driven initiatives. This is not for want of trying however. There are in fact a number of good reasons why it is not immediately plain sailing:


Less than 20 percent of organisations are able to apply predictive analytics to address important people issues.


More than 50 percent of companies report difficulty with integrating workforce data from HR and non-HR systems. And on average an HR department can be working with up to 18 different people data sources.


Over 40 percent of organisations are limited to basic HR reporting capabilities.


However for those companies that have managed to overcome the initial challenges the rewards have been striking and significant, leading to profound organisational redesign and unimagined performance success.

HR People Analytics

The Intec Service

Helping to you get off to a fast, actionable, and cost effective start is where we come in.

Our service and process has been designed by HR professionals who are all too familiar with the internal challenges of finding resource and budget and having to make the investment case to the business.

Our offering is intended to allow you to go from Question to Insight to Action very quickly for a specific HR initiative. Simply put, we take away the hassle and free you to deliver value to the business.

Although no company situations and cultures are ever exactly the same and we spend time up front to understand your particular operational framework, there are some guideline affordable stepping stones that we have in place to get you up and running:

  • STEP 1

    Identify the key business priorities. Next create a shortlist of priorities that best fit the data sets you can access and the associated HR initiatives you are responsible for.

    Deliverable: Start small and ring fence the risk. We will help you create a simple roadmap to test and secure business support for your first project. A simple Storytelling demo can be created (if required).

    We can guide or assist you in performing a high level data investigation / audit (if required).

  • STEP 2

    Data Collection - Understand, clean and enrich (if necessary). Include bench mark data if required by the business. We will work with you to agree which data gathering activity can be done In-House and which by us.

    Deliverable: A high quality, ready to use data set that includes data points agreed with the business. Empiric Data set quality of > 65% as determined by the Analytics engine.

  • STEP 3

    People Insights - based on the data set provided, the Analytics Engine will produce numerous insights, often far more than the business requires. The skill is in selecting the ‘goldilocks’ set of insights and subsequent visualisations that best suit your business audience.

    Deliverable: HR Storytelling - We help you weave the selected insights into a credible and meaningful narrative using the preferred modes of presentation of your business stakeholders.

  • STEP 4

    As you present your insights story (if you have done a good job) it is very likely that certain business stakeholders will now offer new hypothesis for you to go away and test. This is a good sign and you should be ready to respond to this new level of engagement.

    Deliverable: Our unique service arms you with the means to work iteratively around the original insights and subsequent stakeholder questions and hypothesis to rapidly resolve the defined challenge via an agreed course of action.

  • STEP 5

    The most successful People Analytics projects are ones that drive a business change. And in order for that change to become embedded, comparative evidence based data over time has to be provided and it has to show that the change of policy or strategy produced real value (including ROI).

    Deliverable: Our Service provides comparative customised reporting on demand as well as on agreed schedules.

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